Five Brides Give Advice on Having an Incredible Honeymoon


With 164 days to go, Alex and I still haven’t decided on a honeymoon. We know that we definitely want one, but the question of where and when is something that has yet to be determined. I’m pretty overwhelmed with planning the actual wedding, so the thought of now adding a new element is pretty daunting…

So I asked five of my girlfriends, who recently tied the knot, for their advice and recommendations on all things honeymoon. I wanted to know when they left for theirs, where they went, who was more involved in the planning, what they loved the most, and advise they’d give to a bride-to-be (ahem… me).

Sit back and grab a glass of wine, because this is a long read, but so fun. OK, in no particular order, here are my five brides.  Continue Reading


The Summer Agenda

the summer agenda

I’ve been totally, completely, and fully wrapped up in our new home — busy doing all of those little things that buying, moving, and settling into a new home entail — the list is so long, and demanding that I’ve barely noticed that’s it’s now officially summer! 

I know you’re thinking, ‘um yeah, have you checked a calendar recently?’ The answer? Hardly. But I did yesterday, and stunned that July will be here at the end of the week. So I’ve put together a list of summer-must-do’s before Labor Day Weekend rolls around.

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Why I Eat the Same Lunch Every. Single. Day. During Weekdays

Why I Eat Salad for Lunch Everyday

I’ve always been a believer of a light lunch. Mainly because anytime I don’t go light, I end up feeling groggy, bloated, and completely unmotivated for the rest of the day (read: practically counting down the minutes until I can crawl into bed at home). My solution? Light lunches. 

What a light lunch entails, varies from person to person. For me, it’s a salad, with vegetables that I love, and with a decent portion of protein. If you’ve read my list of to-do’s for the bestsundayeveryou’ll notice the very first two items are a grocery shop and weekly food prep.

I’m not going to bore you with the health benefits of salad. We all know they’re jam packed with vitamins, fibers, and cutting calories, yada yada yada. I’m here to tell you the real reason I eat nearly the same salad every day for lunch.

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That Time We Bought a House


Guys, I have some very big news, about a very little yellow house in the Southwest quadrant of Washington, DC. That’s right. You guessed it. We bought a house. Rewind: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. Serious apologies for going totally MIA on you earlier this month, my dear reader, but we literally just got our internet hooked up (after nearly three full weeks) — don’t ask, it’s a long story. I digress.

Back to the house. It all happened so quickly, as these things always do. But this happened lightening quick. The listing for the home our home came on the market the first week in May. We saw it in person the very next afternoon, as our realtor suggested we do, rather than wait until the weekend. And that’s when it happened. Continue Reading


The Hair Products I Use on a Regular Basis

Daily Hair Care Products

In the mornings, I strive for spending as little time as humanly possible on my hair. My goal is to wash and blow dry my hair once, maybe twice, a week and maintain it on the in-between days. Of course, I still want to look presentable at work, so in order to do so, I need a team of pretty solid products that help me achieve a relatively effortless look in the mornings. All while keeping my locks healthy and strong.  Continue Reading


How to Squeeze Reading Time into Your Already Packed Schedule

Brain on Fire

‘I’m too busy, I can’t read for pleasure I don’t have the time.‘ That is the saddest gripe I hear from people when I ask them what they’re currently reading [insert tear-faced emoji]. If you couldn’t already tell, I love to read. I love books that I get completely absorbed into, especially books that are so good, they’re really hard to put down (like this one). 

I know that we are all busy, and have jam packed schedules, so here are some tricks I use to help me fly through the pages of a novel during busy weeks. Continue Reading