I Read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, and Didn’t Hate It

I Read Fates and Furies and Didn't Hate It

I was really excited to read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. I had been seeing this book everywhere and after reading a few reviews, I knew it would be a great choice for my 30+ minute walk to work. This is a book that’s split into two parts — Fates and Furies. It’s about the course of the twenty-four year marriage between Lotto and Mathilde. We get to hear both sides of the story, from husband and wife, each with their own respective half of the novel.


This is Lotto’s version. And I’m glad his went first. Though, his version is rather slow, and seems to drag on about nothing in particular. There are a lot of mixed reviews about Fates and Furies, and I definitely understand why. Many claim it’s painfully pretentious, told in an obnoxious voice, and extremely boring and tough to get through.

But, what you need to understand about Lauren Groff, is she is truly an artist. Her way with words and painting metaphors is unmatched. The writing in this novel was exquisite. Absolutely wonderful imagery, elegant words and powerful emotions all strung together in sentences that leaves you breathless. Groff takes you so deep into the minds of Lotto and Mathilde, who married at twenty-two years old.


So maybe that doesn’t make up for a somewhat weak story of the first half, and I can completely understand why many people couldn’t finish… but I promise, once you embark upon the second half of the book, I think you’ll understand the magic that is Lauren Groff.

Furies takes us on a sharp, wickedly delicious turn when we read Mathilde’s version of her marriage. Secrets, deceptions, and juiciness. I’ve read a few folks compare it to Gone Girl, this couldn’t be more wrong. I encourage you to push through Fates, and I dare you to hate it once you’ve read Mathilde’s side of the story.

Have you read this book? If so, I want to hear your thoughts!