How Tracking Your Sleep Will Foster Health Accountability

Tracking My Bedtime Sleep Schedule for the WeekI’m obsessed with getting enough ZZzZzzz’s logged throughout the workweek. So much so, that I actually have a bedtime (if you’re wondering, it’s 10pm). Getting enough sleep each night is pretty important, because a lack of quality sleep has a disastrous effect on mood, energy, productivity, and don’t even get me started on the bodily functions.

With that said, I’ve decided to track my sleep activity for a week, because there is nothing better and keeps you more honest than writing down a log. And to help assist me with that, I’ve turned to an item I would definitely take with me if I were stranded on a desert island — my FitBit.

And this my dear readers, is my sleep log of the previous week:


I always shoot for a 10pm bedtime on Sundays, it sets the tone for the week. I was in bed at 10pm, but I cracked open a new book (Dark Matter by Blake Crouch), and it was really, really good. I stayed up past midnight reading, and was up at 7am. Thumbs down for a Sunday. 7 hours


I knew I’d have a long day ahead of me, so I was washed up and ready for bed around 9:50pm. I woke around 6:30am and went on a bike ride to kickstart my big day after a full 8 hours of sleep behind me. 8+ hours


My improv graduation show! Afterwards, we went out for celebratory drinks. I didn’t get home and washed up until well past midnight. Way, way, way past my bedtime. Which was slightly painful since I was up before 7am the next morning. Needless to say, I was useless at work on Wednesday because of this. Less than 6 hours (ouch)


With less than 6 hours of sleep the night before, I was exhausted (and useless). When I got home, I immediately changed into sweats, and crawled onto the couch with Dark Matter. Alex brought home pizza for dinner, since I was too tired to cook. (I have the best husband-to-be.) Still absorbed in my book, I didn’t fall asleep until nearly 11:45pm, because I just had to finish another three chapters. But I allowed myself to sleep in until nearly 7:45am (which rarely happens). 8 hours


Another long night. I dragged Alex and our friend K to the DC Improv (again) to watch a Pun Competition. What a blast! We didn’t get home until 10:15pm. By the time I turned off my nightstand lamp, it was well past 11pm — that book is too good! I woke up around 7am, so nearly 8 hours, not bad! 8 hours


After work, I caught up with a friend over dinner, and many, many glasses of wine. I got home just shy of 10pm, and after an attempt at reading, I crashed in the middle of a paragraph. I woke up blissfully on Saturday morning at 9am with NOTHING on my agenda. 10 hours (yaaaaas!) #weekendwin

Weekly Evaluation

Overall, I definitely logged enough sleep (with the exception of Tuesday night), averaging 7+ hours. But in order to make that work, I had to sacrifice my mornings by sleeping in past 7am nearly every morning. Which means no morning workout — which you know is my preference.

I’m very much enjoying this sleep log, and plan to keep it going. After all, what doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t get improved!