All the Fall Things to Do

All the Fall Things to DoI’m pretty pumped that it’s officially fall, and I’m definetly not alone here. There are endless activities, events to go to, and delicious foods to try. So many things! Not to mention, fall fashion is by far the best. I’ve rounded up a list of things I’d like to do, eat, try, go, and see this season.

They always say Washington, DC is prettiest in the spring, but I think it’s strongly tied with fall. I mean, those orange and yellow leafs?! Here’s a round up of things I want to do / have scheduled into my calendar for the next few weeks to come.

  1. Apple picking
  2. Go hiking to enjoy the glorious colors
  3. Pumpkin flavored beer on the patio
  4. Find a killer pumpkin soup recipe
  5. Bake mini apple pies with those freshly picked apples from earlier
  6. Begin volunteering again
  7. Dig my way through my fall reading list
  8. Pumpkin picking with friends
  9. Decorate and display pumpkins on front porch
  10. Buy fall scented candles
  11. V O T E !
  12. Drink apple cider
  13. Power through with the BBG (hello wedding body!)
  14. Take a photo challenge (similar to one here)
  15. Make a batch of my famous chili

And that’s it! Tell me, what’s on your fall agenda this year?