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Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

Sebs and Max | The Adoption StoryAs soon as we were done with our home improvement projects, my husband promised we could finally adopt a cat. I had been begging him ever since we bought our home last June. But Alex wasn’t wrong with wanting to wait. It would’ve been a nightmare for a cat to go through renovations…. And since we wrapped up on March 1st — concluding with brand new basement carpeting — it was time!

I spent a lot of time talking about adopting litter mates. Everyone always says,

cats are better in pairs, and really, two cats are no more trouble than one cat.

Alex didn’t seem convinced. I honestly didn’t care if we got one or two, something old and crusty, just as long as we got a cat. We decided (just how we decide everything) as long as I was the one who spearheaded the research for agencies and shelters, we could make this happen.  Continue Reading

Our Home Reno is Completed! Before and After Photos

WE ARE DONE! That’s right. DONE with the renovations, contractors, and all things home improvement. And I couldn’t be more pumped. We began this adventure sometime in January, and are thrilled to report that within 6 weeks, we were totally…

30 Things Every Woman Should Do Before 30

30 Things Every Woman Should Do Before 30

Today is my 29th birthday. Which means that this time next year, I’ll have officially left my twenties behind, and entered into a new decade of my life: THIRTIES. I’m actually quite excited about it. And everyone else seems to…

Home Reno Week

I knew that as soon as the wedding was finished (hello, wife life!), the holidays were over, and with the new year upon us, I’d dive deep into our home projects. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting patiently since… mmmmm June 1st…

A DIY Tutorial: Succulent Garden

A DIY Tutorial: Succulent Gardens

In my home, succulent’s rule the kingdom. I have one, two, or three potted beauties in about every room, on every available surface imaginable. Not only are succulents so intrinsically gorgeous, but they are extremely low maintenance. Read: very tough to kill and…

Peonies and Bees 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, Peonies and Bees!

Today, [May 22, 2016] marks the very FIRST BIRTHDAY of Peonies and Bees! That’s right, my blog (ahem, my baby) is officially a ONE YEAR OLD. And today, we are celebrating with pink cupcakes! I’ve learned SO much in the…

FAQ about Peonies and Bees Answered

FAQ for the Girl Behind Peonies and Bees

THE TOP TEN MOST FAQ   1. Where did you get your blog name from? I’m a full blown hearts and roses type of gal. Meaning, I love flowers. Love them. I knew I wanted to incorporate a bloom into…

Clay Marble Ring Dishes a DIY Tutorial

A DIY Tutorial: Marbled Ring Dishes

Organizing my jewelry is a never-ending, lifelong project — so it seems. I have a couple of classic staple pieces that I wear daily, you know, those cannotleavethehousewithoutit pieces. That shortlist includes my watch and round diamond studs. Everything else, well…. A total…