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Weekending | What My Carry-On Bag Looks Like

Weekending | What My Carry-On Bag Looks LikeEvery winter, it seems Alex and I are out of town just about every other weekend for a quick trip. Hello Weekending! The locations are usually the same, on a rotation: Boca, Chicago, LA, Tucson, and NYC. We do occasionally travel to other cities, but no other places have our hearts quite as much as these five.

And since we take these weekend trips so often, I’ve become a pro at packing a carry-on and know exactly what I’m going to need, and when it’s one pair of shoes too many.


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How my Fall / Winter Capsule Wardrobe is Going So Far

How My Wardrobe Capsule Is Going So Far

You may remember when I declared sometime in September that I was sick and tired of agonizing over my wardrobe on a semi-regular basis. I said enough is enough! And after I had a glass of wine (OK, two…) I decided…

Winter Nail Trends 2016

Winter Nail Colors

With winter just around the corner, it’s time for another round-up of seasonal nail polishes. This year we’ve seen of many nail trends come and go. (Single dots, clean lines, gradient, the ‘new’ French manicure, etc.) Not to mention the…

Wedding Day Beauty

Wedding Day Beauty

I was pretty unhappy with how my hair and makeup trial went at the resort. But that’s not surprising at all. This has been a long standing issue of mine. Dating all the way back to the Bar / Bat…

Dark Essie Nails with a Sparkle

Dark Nails with a Touch of Sparkle

With crisp autumn weather, dark nails are a must. I thoroughly enjoy a bold, classic, and sultry look of rocking dark nails. And lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of adding a bit of glitz and glam to my fingers. Think:…

Fall Nail Hues

The Fall 2016 Round Up of Nail Hues

Ladies. I’m excited. And I know, I know how basic this is going to sound but… fall is H E R E and, yes, I’m excited. Not only is fall here, but so are my new autumn nail hues for…

Capsule Wardrobe | Fall + Winter 2016

I am certainly not a fashion blogger, by any means. I don’t have a single outfit post here on Peonies+Bees, but I’m very excited to share this with you…I’ve decided I’m moving forward with a Fall / Winter 2016 Capsule…

Beachwaves! How to Get Summer Hair with a Flat Iron

Beachwaves! How to Get Summer Hair with a Flat Iron

Believe it or not, but I don’t actually own a curling iron. And haven’t for years. Like a needy boyfriend, I’ve always relied on my flat iron for everything. From smoothing down cowlicks to working the kinks out of…

The Nine Products I Always Have In My Bag

The Nine Products I Always Have In My Bag

Like all women, I have different bags for different reasons. During the weekly grind at the office, I’m in my workbag. I have a bag for running errands. A bag I stick to on the weekends. Another bag for drinks with…