The Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerYou didn’t think that I’d blog about a recent trip I’d taken and not follow up with a separate post about said cities botanical garden, did you? No, I didn’t think so.

Gardens are almost always my favorite part of any trip my husband and I take. After realizing our pattern — that being, a garden is typically on our agenda at any destination we travel to — we decided to make it a point to see as many gardens, in as many cities as possible. 


The Missouri Botanical Garden is located right in St. Louis. It was a quick 15 minute uber ride from our hotel. So early on a Sunday morning, my husband, his sister, and I all agreed to sneak off to the gardens — sans the rest of the family. Totally not intentional, we asked! We did! We asked every one of my husbands relatives if they wanted to join us, but no one wanted to wake up at 8AM on a Sunday — fair enough.

So the three of us decided to take a quick stroll through the gardens before the rest of our Sundayfunday agenda began. We had important things to do that day. You know, like coffee, salmon sandwiches, and a baseball game to get to!

TROPICAL GARDENS, AKA “CLIMATRON”Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
ASIAN GARDENS  Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
AZALEA-RHODODENDRON GARDENMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
PEONIES (AND BEES)!!!!Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
ALEX’S FAVORITEMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxerMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
BOXWOOD GARDENMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer
RANDOM PRETTY FLOWERSMissouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer

And that was it! All the photos I could capture in our brief time at The Missouri Botanical Garden. We headed back to the main entrance to feast on coffee, salmon sandwiches, eggs, and home-fries before meeting up with the rest of the fam, downtown for a Cardinals game.

PS. Other garden posts here, here, here, here, here, and here. Yeah, I love gardens, I do.

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