Weekending in St. Louis

Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxerEarlier this month, my husband and I spent a weekend in St. Louis with nearly his entire extended and immediate family. It had been over ten years since Alex had visited STL, and my very first taste of the city.  

It was truly a special weekend, and fantastic to meet some of my new family members that weren’t able to attend our wedding. Our St. Louis weekend summed up in a two sentences (and about ten photos): tons of food, The Arch, a stroll through Forest Park, and more food. Visit to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, old fashioned doughnuts, a Cardinals game, and more food.

FOREST PARKWeekending in St. Louis @daraboxer
Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

My go-to Saturday Outfit

Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxerWeekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxerWeekending in St. Louis @daraboxer
Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

We decided to walk from the Botanical Gardens to World’s Fair Doughnuts, even though we already stuffed our faces with lunch, I insisted we grab a doughnut. On the way there, we passed an old antique shop, so we had to go in. It was really the rooster that did it. I was ***THIS*** close to convincing Alex this rooster was exactly the piece of art our backyard was missing, until the shop informed me they don’t ship items. Whomp whomp.

Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

The donut from World’s Fair Donuts — I’m not even exaggerating when I say this — was the BEST DONUT I’ve ever eaten. And the best part? It cost sixty-four cents. I couldn’t believe it.
Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer


The dish dad is holding was listed under the ‘small plates’ section. I’m not sure what kind of smart a** thought this presentation would be clever, but we got a good laugh out of it. Dad took it like a champ! I swear, restaurants these days try way too hard…
Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer


Auntie C rented out a private suite so the entire family could sit together and watch the game. Unlimited hotdogs and a private bartender with an endless supply of beer? You know we were happy campers. In case you’re wondering, the Cards got destroyed this game. I believe the score was 0-8, Cincinnati Reds. Ouch…Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

Fantastic trip to a great city. I absolutely cannot wait until our next trip to STL, the Midwest definitely has a special place in my heart.

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