Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

Sebs and Max | The Adoption StoryAs soon as we were done with our home improvement projects, my husband promised we could finally adopt a cat. I had been begging him ever since we bought our home last June. But Alex wasn’t wrong with wanting to wait. It would’ve been a nightmare for a cat to go through renovations…. And since we wrapped up on March 1st — concluding with brand new basement carpeting — it was time!

I spent a lot of time talking about adopting litter mates. Everyone always says,

cats are better in pairs, and really, two cats are no more trouble than one cat.

Alex didn’t seem convinced. I honestly didn’t care if we got one or two, something old and crusty, just as long as we got a cat. We decided (just how we decide everything) as long as I was the one who spearheaded the research for agencies and shelters, we could make this happen. 

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

After browsing online for hours, and hours, and hours one Thursday evening, I came across two 7 month old orange litter mates. Their names were Cheetah and Tiger. I ran it by my husband, and he said if that’s what I wanted, that’s what we’ll adopt. I rushed back to my laptop, emailed the agency, prayed the boys we’re already adopted (god only knows how often adoption sites update their websites), filled out a background check, and the adoption paperwork. Phone interviews were set up for the next day, and if we were approved, we could meet the two little guys that Sunday, two days before my birthday. If we liked them, we could take them home that very afternoon. I was THRILLED.

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story


That Sunday, we drove over an hour outside of the city to meet the little guys. The foster mother suggested we stop by a pet store to load up on supplies, so we did. Over $300 worth of cat equipment, gear, food, and toys were purchased, and we were on our way.  Alex and I talked about names the entire car ride to pick them up, bouncing around ideas and suggestions. I mean… there’s no way we were sticking with Cheetah and Tiger…

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

We got to the foster mom’s home, and fell in love with both boys in a heartbeat. They were so friendly, outgoing, and sweet. Very playful, and curious, and already totally lovable. We signed paperwork, Alex wrote a check, and we were off. And it was kind of a weird feeling, our little family had just doubled in size!

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

Once they were in the car with us, it took all of 10 minutes to settle on two names, we thought fit each of them pretty well: Sebastian and Maxwell. Or, Sebs and Max for short (that’s what we call them 99% of the time). While we set up their food, litter, toys, cat-tower, and other random supplies, they spent time exploring the house.

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story


Alex and Max like to take naps together, while Sebs sleeps on my chest while I read books. Alex and I are totally, and utterly in love with them. Sebs and Max are never apart, they are always in the same room together. They chase each other around the house, which results in a lot of wrestling matches. Sebs usually always wins.

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

They quite literally will bounce off the walls and couches when they chase each other. They are very playful and hyper, and kind of nuts when they’re at their peak energy. They’ve broken vases, knocked over potted succulents, killed our living room plant, eaten the flowers off my orchid, and shattered a framed photo. I basically follow them around the house with a dust-buster — but it’s totally fine. I adore them.

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

They are total cuddle bugs, and always in the same room as a human. Max likes to curl up next to Alex on the couch, while Alex works until 1 or 2AM. Sebs likes to sleep on the kitchen table while I’m working from there.  They love watching our betta fish swim, and playing soccer with dead plant leaves.

Max sleeps and sits like a human sometimes, and Sebs is a total goofball. Sebs chases his own tail and plays fetch with his favorite little yarn ball (which also sheds like crazy). Sebs is terrible at grooming Max, but he tries! Max is the protective one, and a tad more serious. Though he’s very silly depending on his mood. Thy take naps together (so adorable!), and watch squirrels together. When they’re not being totally crazy, or cuddling in someones lap, they are sleeping. They are team #sebastianandmaxwell

Sebs and Max | The Adoption Story

Now that we’ve had them for nearly a month, I don’t know if I’d agree with the statement that two kittens are no more trouble then one. But it’s definitely more fun, and I’m happy they have each other. Especially during the long stretches of time that Alex and I aren’t home, though, theres a pretty high chance they spend most of that time napping.

And that’s our adoption story! In case you’re wondering, we went through The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc. 

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  • I love this! They are both so adorable, and I’m so glad they have some hoomans that love them so much.

  • Oh this is the cutest, I love the names Sebastian and Maxwell too, they’re so cute!

    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo