Mini Moon | Las Vegas

Trip to Tucson to Meet our VendorsTomorrow marks month one as a newlywed. 30 days down, forever to go. Mini-Moon Mondays are my new favorite day of the week, as I get to relive our blissful first few days as husband and wife, through blogging and all the photos.

Last week was Part II, The Grand Canyon, and the week prior was Part I, Sedona. And today, I’m sharing the third installment…



I left off last week, saying that Alex and I took a long morning hike on the Broken Arrow Trail in the Grand Canyon, followed by lunch, and an IMAX showing. Afterwards, we got on the road. Our original plan included a continued route north, heading into Southern Utah — my husband was adamant about seeing Bryce and Zion. However, once we realized that the decision to continue north would add nearly 9 hours in the car, we chose to cut it from the itinerary. Our Mini Moon | The Grand Canyon

We ended up booking an additional night in Vegas, and decided to drive straight through. By the time we pulled into the MGM Grand, it was nearly 8pm. Once checked into the room, we made our way back to the bustling lobby, and found a Wolfgang Puck restaurant within the massive conglomerate that is the MGM Grand. Our food was delicious and exactly what we needed after a few hours in the Jeep.


Though we were in Vegas, neither of us are into gambling, so we spent most of Friday sleeping, eating, reading, napping, eating more, and walking around the hotel. Read: We didn’t leave the hotel other than to drop off our rental car. It was cold, and windy, and I still needed to catch up on the lack of sleep from the entire week.

We had dinner reservations at Morimoto (a great preview for our actual honeymoon in Japan!), followed by a late night showing of David Copperfield (we really love magic). Such a fun, and dare I say magical, evening with my husband.

Our Mini Moon | Las VegasOur Mini Moon | Las VegasOur Mini Moon | Las Vegas


We didn’t have much time, and so after breakfast we packed up our room, and headed over to the airport. When we arrived, we found our direct flight home was delayed over three hours, which is never fun. We killed the time by eating, reading, wandering around the terminal, and drinking coffee. But for whatever reason, the delay didn’t bother either of us. We were holding hands, and smiling. We get to come home to our little yellow house as husband and wife. And that’s all I could ever ask for.

Arizona Bride and GroomPS. our wedding photographer sent us over a sneak peek of our photos, the entire gallery should be ready for view sometime this week. Eeeeek! Until then… here’s a little teaser for whats to come.

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  • I love that you all just chilled at the hotel. So sweet, and I’m sure that time was so special. One night during our honeymoon, we drove out looking for dinner and went to a restaurant that ended up basically being IHOP, so we left and went to another restaurant where we couldn’t read anything on the menu, then ended up leaving and just going back to the hotel room and ordering in pizza. It was one of my favorite parts of our trip!
    I can’t wait to see your photos!

    • Isn’t it funny how most nights like that end up being the most memorable and most special?